The Insert: Resist or Die? Maybe Not

It’s beyond conspiracy theory that the earth is ravished by crazed weather patterns that are beyond our control or is it?

A new documentary called End:Civ (whose ultra-morbid tagline is Resist or Die)offers an option destroy civilization. And no I’m not kidding. Through a series of rambling soliloquies of author Derek Jensen, director, activist, and former Democracy Now! producer Frank Lopez (no not the guy from Scarface) describes human industrial civilization as a bloodthirsty rapist rapidly abusing and discarding chunk after chunk of earth until it’s a wasteland withering away into a chalky ball of dust by twin simultaneous storms global warming and peak oil.  

Peak oil (for the uninformed) is the concept that half of the earth’s oil and modern civilizations lifeblood has been tapped  and becoming increasingly expensive in the process.

Most Peak Oil scholars believe that we’re on slippery slope to a chaotic future. Jensen who’s book Endgame is the basis of End:Civ is one such scholar.

So Lopez and Jensen  who is the docs central character and who’s book it’s based suggests that we join them in a crusade to end civilization.

How you may ask?

Lopez and his subject never quite explain. Even when I asked directly following a screening of the film he ducked the question.

Why you may ask? I certainly did.

Lopez and Jensen conclude that the only way to save is to kill it’s dominate species before the species kills it.

The consequences? That’s when Lopez and Jensen get Hare Krishna.

They believe that dismantling civilization as we know it by any means necessary violent or otherwise will end with a native American style back to earth society. Where men and nature  live in harmony ya know after the carnage of billions dying for the beliefs of a few.

Whether you believe in peak oil or climate change or not isn’t my concern,  its my firm believe that “all people in a community even those without formal religion formal absolute values always construct their own.” What concerns me about this strain of thought is the few deciding how we all should do something as disastrous and drastic as even hypothetically staking the heart of civilization is appalling. I believe we should attempt to do something about climate change. The massive tornadoes that are striking the aptly named tornado alleyand other unexpected placesare a sign that something is off in our surroundings. Hundreds of animals are going dying off and it certainly seems to be out of the ordinary.  But if those deaths are the obligatory canaries in the coal mine of a disastrous future it still doesn’t make sense to commit mass genocide by destroying civilization. As for their conclusion that a planet that would go through such death and destruction to reach their aims would simply rebound to a plentiful shiny happy planet that folks like Jensen (if they and their ideology survived the bloodshed) could simply reemerge and commune with nature. It seems unlikely.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the movie below and make up your mind.

Directed and Produced by Franklin Lopez
Based on Endgame by Derek Jensen

PS… A man gotta have a code

– James A. Brown
I tweet @itwas1ofthem
I blog @beautifulfailures.wordpress.com


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