On The King of Limbs

In reaction to the release of the King of Limbs  and What I can only assume was  a puzzled reaction  the tornado of hype  that came with it, a recent  article in the New York Magazine’s Vulture blog  screeched that Radiohead makes you work hard as a  fan. Point taken. But Radiohead is simpler and easier to enjoy than most.  Like Cameron Crowe once crowed about his film Vanilla Sky “whereever you wanna meet it, it’ll meet you there.

For hardcore fans and critical cats there are two  decks of Radiohead albums The masterpieces: The Bends, OK Computer,Kid A, and In Rainbows and the lesser  siblings. Limbs is a lesser sibling.

Like all Radiohead spare albums Limbs is beautiful, engaging, smart and unique, tracks like the opener Bloom, viral video sensation Lotus Flower, and piano  ballad Cotex are all destined for fantastic live tracks for tours to come but

A Radiohead album is like a magic carpet ride that  swoops you away spinning you away to parts unknown where every distortion is a twisted sketch of humanity narrated by Thom Yorke’s haunted voice.

Each album even Kid A’s half sibling Amnesiac is a sketch onto itself which  is where The King of Limbs falls victim. At first Limbs, feels eerily familiar a cousin to Yorke’s solo album The Eraser but as it washes over you and the record runs down your spine you see a band doing what it always does evolving. Limbs is leaping toward something new but  I’m still unsure whether it stuck the landing.

After much steeping Limbs lingers in between gears and may serve as both pallet cleanser and preview of things to come.

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This Recording tackles Taylor Swift’s romantic doldrums

We want for Taylor Swift what we want for Betty Draper, which is for her to realize that the thing she has based her life around thus far is a fucked up lie. And that when she figures out it is a lie, her life will not end, she will just get to live in Sanctuary with the rest of us. Taylor Swift believes that heterosexual men bestow all value on people, and that for women this value is based only around marriageability, but she clearly also knows how good it feels to have a number one hit (a number one heeeeeeet). Swift won’t claim her own aggression because it doesn’t fit with her idea of what girls are like or should be like (pretty, docile, quiet) but she is already neither docile nor quiet.