This Recording tackles Taylor Swift’s romantic doldrums

We want for Taylor Swift what we want for Betty Draper, which is for her to realize that the thing she has based her life around thus far is a fucked up lie. And that when she figures out it is a lie, her life will not end, she will just get to live in Sanctuary with the rest of us. Taylor Swift believes that heterosexual men bestow all value on people, and that for women this value is based only around marriageability, but she clearly also knows how good it feels to have a number one hit (a number one heeeeeeet). Swift won’t claim her own aggression because it doesn’t fit with her idea of what girls are like or should be like (pretty, docile, quiet) but she is already neither docile nor quiet.


How Jason Schwartzman sees the world

Jason Schwartzman is an odd little man that plays odd roles. He’s best known for his appearances in the Wes Anderson films “Rushmore,” and “The Darjeeling Limited” and other  indie-ish films “I Heart Huckabees,” and “Shopgirl.”

The Rushmore star is promoting  the strange HBO dramady Bored to Death. In Bored to Death, Schwartzman plays Jonathan Ames a poor yet published writer who spices up his life by becoming an unlicensed private investigator.

His uniqueness is in full bloom in his candid interview with Terry Gross below.

“This is an embarrassing story, and one that I feel terrible about because it will expose me as a low-key liar. But I did it and I brought it upon myself so I’m just going to come clean now. … I was finishing up a film, Funny People, that I was acting in that was taking up all of my days. And I was supposed to be writing the song, and every week I would get an e-mail from people at HBO saying, ‘How’s the song coming?’ And I would just say, ‘Everything is great,’ even though I had nothing written. And I would quickly invent something that I had written, and describe something, like, ‘I’ve come up with this walking bass line; I think it’s very right for the song,’ and they’d write back, ‘Great. Can’t wait to hear it.’ … Basically, I lied for a month on the fly about what was in this song, musically. Then it came time for me to submit a demo, and not to seem like a liar, I went back through all of my sent e-mails and saw all of the things I had said were in the song, wrote them down — and then basically to fulfill the lie, I wrote the song based on every fib I had e-mailed. And I wrote it in 10 minutes.”

About Hydrofracking

In a nutshell…

Fracking, as the practice is commonly called, is a means of extracting natural gas by pressure-drilling a mix of water, sand and chemicals more than a mile vertically and horizontally into the earth. The sand and chemicals break up the dense rock to release methane, the compound comprising natural gas, which is pumped back up along with the fracking liquid, now infused not only with the chemical additives but heavy metals and radioactive material as well. The problem is that these materials are leaching into our water supplies, sickening people, vegetation and animals.

By design, hydrofracking causes miniature underground explosions – fracturing rocks and consequently releasing gas, along with radioactive and other carcinogenic and highly toxic substances from deep within the earth. These carcinogens, along with radioactive materials and the toxic sludge known as frack fluid, can contaminate aquifers and spoil water supplies. via The Nation

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