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The Evolution of Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has evolved.

From Taekwondo black belt to his best known roles as a supporting actor in the 90’s NBC sitcom News Radio and as the host/ringmaster of the same networks’ ridiculous reality show sensation top rated show Fear Factor, Rogan’s career has already been a resounding success.  But after the end of Fear Factor and starring in the failed reboot  of the man show with fellow comedian Doug Stanhope, the actor/comedian/game show host was faced with a decision stagnant on his successful known path while waiting on the next project or evolve.



Why are Americans so pleased that Osama Bin Laden’s been killed by Obama?

No that wasn’t a typo and I assure you I haven’t been living under a rock for the last few weeks.

President Obama himself said in his latest 60 minutes interview that We shouldn’t spike the ball in the end zone. Yet few are listening.

Since Bin Laden’s death, there’s been a strange brew rising, so many Americans in so many varied places are overjoyed not just with the fact Bin Laden’s dead. But the fact that Obama personally ordered the hit. Many seem to believe that Obama has finished a master course in Badassery.